About Best Practice

Healthcare professionals need fast and easy access to reliable, up-to-date information when making diagnosis and treatment decisions. This is precisely what Best Practice provides.

Best Practice is a completely new concept for information delivered at the point of care.
In a single source we have combined the latest research evidence, guidelines and expert opinion – presented in a step-by-step approach, covering prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Best Practice provides a second opinion in an instant, without the need for checking multiple resources. Its unique patient-focused approach represents a major new advancement in information delivery at the point of care

Best Practice is brought to you by the BMJ Evidence Centre– a division of the BMJ Group that is working to provide healthcare professionals with innovative new products and tools that make evidence useful in practice.

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Product information

  • A new concept in information delivery, action orientated and structured around the patient consultation
  • A gold standardeditorial process including peer review and multiple sign-off
  • An unrivalled breadth and depth of coverage (information relating to over 10,000 diagnoses; 5000 at launch) helping healthcare professionals make decisions with confidence
  • A constantly updated resource
  • A standard structure for each condition including a summary and definition, etiology, epidemiology, through key diagnostic steps and tests into treatment approaches with drugs, guidelines and evidence, finishing with recommendations and outlook for patient follow-up
  • Information for patients to support treatment options
  • Clinical Evidence‘inside’ brings together the best current evidence with expert guidance
  • My Best Practice allowing end users to save searches and bookmarks to specific content
  • Ability to upload local guidelines and links
  • Full reference links and color images where available

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Sample content

Three full articles from Best Practice are available for free to allow you to sample the content. Follow the links below to access the full articles:

Acne vulgaris
Adult asthma
Chronic cough (Evaluation of)
Zika virus infection

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Best Practice team

Clinical Staff

Mike Bedford, MBChB

Sheila Feit, MD
Senior Clinical Lead

Kathleen Dryburgh, MBBS
Clinical Editor

Corona Freitag, MD
US Clinical Editor

Carolyn Simpkins, MD, PhD
Clinical Director, North America

Scientific Editors

Irene Chiwele, BPharm, MRPharmS
Acting Team Lead

Tannaz Aliabadi-Zadeh
Sejal Amin, BPharm, MSc
Helena Delgado-Cohen, BPharm, MSc
Chei Hung
Martin O'Brien, MPhil DPhil

Digital Content Editors

Cathryn Denney
David Morrison
Vanessa Sibbald
Nils van der Linden

Evidence Team

Samantha Barton, BSc, PhD
Team Lead

Lauren Wallis
Evidence Services Manager

Operational Team

Alan Thomas
Head of Digital Publishing, Evidence and Analytics

Gemma Spink
Contributor Manager

Laura Stephenson
Content Manager

Isaac Menso
Digital Content Producer

Yen Chau
Digital Content Producer

Management Team

Matthew Harker
Director of Evidence and Analytics

Paul Weller, BSc, MSc
Head of Clinical Decision Support

Sue King
Product Development Manager

Klara Brunnhuber
Product Manager, Clinical Decision Support

Elin Goodwin
Deputy Product Manager, Clinical Decision Support

BMJ Best Practice is supported by a contributor team of around 4,000 physician authors and peer reviewers.  Contact us to receive the complete list.